How to make Turkish Coffee without an Ibrik?

How to make Turkish Coffee without an Ibrik

Most people would jump for a chance to travel the world and have a taste of their signature drinks. Well, with that said, for coffee lovers, Turkey should be your destination. For a country that doesn’t produce coffee, you would be surprised that Turkish coffee is one of the best in terms of smoothness and aroma. How do they do it? The secret is all in the brewing process. This post will walk you through a step by step guide on how to make Turkish coffee without an Ibrik.

What is Turkish coffee?

As the name suggests, this is a Turkish drink but it doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare it at home. So, what is Turkish coffee? On a broad perspective, Turkish coffee is a native Turkish coffee drink popular not only in Turkey but also for the rest of the world.

What makes Turkish coffee so popular?

What is Turkish coffee

Quality coffee is rare to find and when you finally find it, you can never have enough of it. Turkish coffee is a true definition of strong, smooth aromatic coffee. Traditionally, the coffee was made using Ibrik which is a Turkey coffee pot. This is however not always the case and we will be explaining how to make Turkish coffee without an Ibrik. Before then, let us learn what makes Turkish so popular

Easy to brew

Most people are of the opinion that brewing Turkish coffee should only be left to the experts. The truth is, preparing this delicacy is very easy as long as you are using the right recipe. Still not convinced? Read till the end, you might take a different stand.

No machine is required

With Turkish coffee no coffee machine is needed, this is such a great deal since it helps in reducing the initial cost for starters. If you are to make other types of coffee, in most cases you would be required to purchase a machine; count Turkey’s native drink out of this.

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The magic in Turkish coffee is all in the taste. If you take it on a regular basis it will be the only coffee you will want but first you have to know how to prepare it. As mentioned earlier, everything is all in the preparation no unique ingredients are used.

What types of coffee beans are used?

What types of coffee beans are used

Turkish coffee is so good that you will question whether it is just ordinary coffee beans or some secret ingredients are used. Well, no secret ingredients, just that the coffee beans have to be high quality Arabica coffee that is smoothly grounded. It should be smooth such that it can be mistaken for cocoa.

The coffee needs to be ground softer that used in espresso machines. Now we can all understand where the smooth taste is derived.

The dos and don’ts if you want to make the best Turkish coffee

As part of learning the basics on how to make Turkish coffee without an Ibrik, the following is a guide to ensure that you make the best Turkish Coffee.

Use freshly grounded coffee

 If you know a thing or two about coffee then you should understand that to bring out the tantalizing aroma and taste the coffee granules have to be fresh. How do you keep grounded coffee beans fresh? Pack them in an air-tight can then store in a refrigerator. Failure to do this will make the grounded coffee granules go stale. If the coffee isn’t fresh, it won’t foam.

Use cold water

When making Turkish coffee, ensure that you use cold filtered water. Avoid warm and hot water.

Brewed on low heat

As much as you would want to get done with it and have your coffee ready when making Turkish coffee you have to be patient. It should be brewed on low heat. Stirring all through then remove it just when it is about to boil.

Step by step guide on how to make Turkish coffee without an Ibrik

As we mentioned earlier, the magic in Turkish coffee is all in the making process. One would expect that this be such a complicated process but this is not the case. You don’t need any prior background in making coffee; here is how you go about it.

Prepare the ingredients

There are no secret ingredients in making Turkish coffee. Everything is pretty basic.

  • Water
  • Finely ground coffee beans
  • Sugar (optional)

For one cup of water, you are required and the equivalent of 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee. When grinding the beans, set the grinder to the finest settings possible, if possible it should be Powderly. The amount of sugar used varies depending on personal preference.

  • No sugar- unsweetened
  • 1 spooned- mildly sweet
  • 2 spoons- sweet
  • 3 spoons- very sweet

Have all the ingredients ready.

2. Mix the ingredients in ceramic or glass pot that can be heated

So as to bring out the required taste and aroma it is recommended that you use cold filtered water. Traditionally, Turkish coffee was prepared in an Ibrik but this isn’t always necessary. You can use glass or ceramic steel where you mix all the ingredients.

What the difference between ordinary coffee and Turkish coffee? With Turkish coffee, you mix all the ingredients including sugar before heating.

3. Heat the mixture

Heat the mixture on low heat when stirring. Immediately it starts to form stop stirring. Remove the coffee when it is about to boil. Pour the foam in a cut then heat again. Don’t let it boil. Pour the coffee in a cup.

4. How is Turkish coffee served?

Wait for approximately 30 seconds for the coffee to sit. Though not always applicable, it is recommended you serve the coffee from the oldest to the youngest. It is a taboo in Turkey to serve the young before the old. Avoid the last sip; it will be bitter and probably residues.

Can milk be used?

The most common question is, can milk be used? Traditionally no milk was used in making Turkish coffee. The reason for this is due to the simple fact that with milk the coffee won’t froth.

Final verdict

There you have it on how to make coffee without an Ibrik. There is nothing stopping you now from making Turkey’s signature drink at the comfort of your home.

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