How To Make Espresso With A French Press?

How To Make Espresso With A French Press

Only falling short to alcohol, coffee is the second most drank beverage in the world. There are various types of coffees but none compares to espresso. To most people, if you don’t have an espresso machine you will have to take it in a coffee shop. Well, this is not always true since this post will walk you through a step by step guide on how to make espresso with a French Press.

What is espresso?

To most coffee lovers, the term espresso is not something new. If you have not yet had a hot cup of espresso then you still haven’t had the best coffee there is. Bringing us back to our question, what is an espresso?

Espresso is coffee that is brewed when hot pressurized water is passed through freshly grounded coffee beans. This gives the coffee a great aroma and a taste irresistible to all coffee lovers.

There is a machine that is specifically designed to make espresso drinks; the espresso machine. However, the machine is very expensive. You can still go for it but it is very expensive yet you can make a similar drink with a French Press.

What is a French press coffee maker?

This is a coffee brewing tool invented by an Italian designer Paulini Ugo in 1929. Over the years French press has undergone numerous changes but the purpose has always remained the same, which is, making good coffee.

Why you should learn how to make espresso with a French press?

What are some of the benefits accrued to using a French press to make espresso?


Compared to an espresso machine, a French press is way affordable. An average espresso machine will go for more than $500, it is not much but not everyone is a heavy spender making French press and ideal option.

Little to no maintenance cost

It is one thing purchasing a machine and another maintaining it. Some machines are quite costly when it comes to maintenance. The same cannot be said about a French press. As long as you clean it, which is super easy, it will serve you for quite a long time with no extra cost.

Easily available

A French press is readily available irrespective of whether you shop online or from the store. Virtually every major store outlet should have a French press.

Ideal for household

Only one coffee is made at a time, this is such a big deal in the sense that there will be no wastage of coffee, unlike in machines which make large quantities of coffee. At the end of the day, the excess cold coffee ends up being drained in the sink. A French press is therefore ideal for households where an individual brews his/her cup of coffee a cup at their own convenient time.

Determine the strength of brewing

Some people love their coffee strong, others mild whereas others prefer it weak. Holding everything constant, getting it right on the strength of the coffee doesn’t always come naturally. This is not always true especially given the fact that with a French press you have the freedom to choose brewing strength.

Step by step guide on how to make espresso with a French press

Step by step guide on how to make espresso with a French press

All that was in preparation for the real deal, how to make espresso with a French press! Making espresso drinks is technical, explaining why you should always learn how to do it right. Here is a guide on how to go about it.

1. As a beverage

Step 1: Prepare your coffee beans

The first step in preparing just any kind of espresso in acquiring coffee beans! You can purchase the beans online or on any grocery shop near you. However, so as to bring out the best taste, they have to be high quality Arabica coffee beans.

What makes espresso drinks unique from other types of coffee is the fact that the beans have to be grounded smoothly. To achieve better results, once you have purchased the coffee beans, grind them with a top-notch coffee grinder.

Step 2: Gather all the required ingredients

Coffee beans are an ingredient in making espresso, but, not the only ingredient. Make sure you have the following with you.

  • Measuring spoon
  • French press
  • Stirring stick
  • Hot water

Step 3: Heat with warm water

The French press coffee maker has to me cleans always. Oil or salt deposits will always have an influence on the overall taste of the coffee. If clean, add warm water to the French press. This is so as to preheat it and ensure a balance of the final output and preventing the glass from breaking with change of temperature.

Step 4: Heat water separately

Coffee is effective and tasty when hot. So, yes, you still have to boil water but this should be done separately. Using stovetop heat water until it boils.

Step 5: Add the freshly grounded coffee beans to the French press

Pour the warm water you used to preheat the French press, add grounded coffee beans. Ideally, it should be in powder form. The recommended ratio for this is 2 teaspoons for one cup of coffee. The coffee beans have to be fresh. How do you keep them fresh after grinding? You store them in an airtight pack and in the refrigerator.

Step 6: Add hot water

Add boiled hot water to the French press. The amount of water you add will depend on the number of cups you wish to make and what the French press can hold. It is recommended that you first add water halfway and let it brew before filling it up.

Step 7: Add the lid

To make strong coffee, add the French press lid to keep the brewing process running for a few minutes. With a French press coffee maker, it is recommended that you go for quality rather than quantity.

Step 8: Ready to be served

Push down the grounded coffee beans slowly then filter the coffee to a cup ready to drink. Add sugar as preferred.

2. Making milk-based espresso with a French press

Step 1: Heat milk

Heat low-fat milk on medium or low heat and remove it just when it is about to boil. Why is low-fat milk used? Low-fat milk is used due to the simple fact that it is easy to boil.

Step 2: Ensure that you have everything ready

As the milk heats, you should ensure that the French press is in order and that you have all the required ingredients which are virtually the same as those in the first process.

Step 3: Prepare regular coffee using method 1

Prepare regular coffee through the method we highlighted above.

Step 4: Blend the milk

As the coffee steeps, blend the milk that you heated earlier. The milk should be frothed on high speeds for about 2-3 minutes until it foams. There is no worry if you don’t have a blender, you can still get desired results by stirring the milk with a whisk.

Step 5: Pour the milk into a jar

The frothed milk should then be poured in a jar. Ideally, this should be half-way and the jar should have a lid. Shake the milk until it bubbles.

Step 6: Pour it on the coffee

On the coffee that you made, pour the milk onto it using a spoon. It is recommended that you search immediately either with sugar or no sugar. It is all up to your personal preference.


There you have it on how to make espresso with a French press. No more driving all walking to a coffee shop every morning or evening to have a cup of coffee, well, at least not after we have shown how to make one at the comfort of your home with a readily available French press.

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