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Locally Sourced Vendors

The Cutting Board uses local, organic sources when possible.
Some of them offer personal delivery services as well. Here are some of our suppliers:

True Garden

Greens and Herbs

“Phoenix, Arizona-based True Garden is the premier vertical aeroponic food farm in the Southwest U.S. This first-of-its-kind facility, operated by solar power, was designed in partnership with Future Growing LLC with a vision to drastically reduce the region’s agricultural water consumption while making local, living produce available year-round in the hot desert regions of Phoenix and the Southwest US.

True Garden uses 95% less water, 90% less space, and no harmful chemical, pesticides or herbicides like Roundup. The technology benefits urban growers and consumers alike, since the aeroponic plants grown on Tower Gardens® are more nutrient-dense than traditional produce, they grow extremely fast and the Tower Gardens® produce living produce with the roots still intact. You cannot buy produce that is fresher and more hyperlocal than that.”

Benny Blanco Homemade Tortillas

Benny Blanco handmade tortillas are created from scratch in their home kitchen and available at local farmers markets and The Cutting Board Café!

Recycled City

Recycled_City_logoComposting (and future growers of produce for us)

“Welcome to Recycled City, where fresh, local food rises from the ashes of your recycled waste! At Recycled City we make composting easier than ever before! With air-tight buckets, bags of Bokashi, and weekly pick-up services we encourage you to join us in regenerating urban land and creating fresh, local food. If you love local food, you’ll love recycling your compostables because the key to healthy local farms is healthy soil. Currently, precious top-soil is being lost due to deforestation, conventional agriculture, and other destructive practices that remove biomass. This is called soil erosion. On top of this, food comes to us from thousands of miles away and then we send the old and unused food to landfills where it rots away and pollutes our air. By recycling your left-overs and food scraps , you can help create abundant local farms. Instead of participating in a destructive cycle, recycle! Join us! When you collect your compostables, together we will create abundant local farms.”

Hayden Flour Mills

Garbonzo Beans and Flour
“The legend goes that in 1868, Charles Hayden was making his way up North when he was waylaid by dangerously high waters on the Salt River. While waiting for the waters to subside, he stood on top of Tempe Butte and looked out on the fertile land surrounding him, envisioning an ideal spot to establish Hayden Flour Mills. More than 100 years later we are re-creating Mr. Hayden’s vision. By growing the same heritage grains on the same land, we are bringing back a time when flour was non-hybridized, minimally processed and flavorful. Today we grind heritage and ancient grains on an Austrian stonemill. Each bag of flour is milled fresh by our Master Miller, Ben. All our grains are grown in Arizona on small farms. And we are working with chefs, farmers and conservationists to revive Arizona’s local grain economy in the spirit of Charles Hayden and his 1874 Hayden Flour Mills.”

Queen Creek Olive Mill

Queen Creek Olive MillOlive Oil, Vinegars, Olives and Spicy Beans
“The Queen Creek Olive Mill is a unique Agri-tourism experience that everyone enjoys. As a local,sustainable farm we produce Arizona’s only extra virgin olive oil. For more than a decade we have been experimenting with different olive varieties to establish which varieties grow best in the Arizona desert. Our grove is home to over 16 different varieties with the Frantoio, Grappolo, Pendolino, Maurino, Moraiolo, Coratina, Taggiasca and Mission as the primary varieties planted. Our trees are drip irrigated and the use of pesticides or mold inhibitors is not required as there is no issue with the olive fly or any kind of olive tree molds. Hence our grove is pesticide free.”


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