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kids nite out

with fair black rose
saturday, dec 16, 6-8pm


“Learn. Eat. Live.”

That’s our motto. Here are some opportunities we’ve put together to help you learn, eat and live well!

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  • December 2017
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  • Open Mic Nite with The Wild Banchees

    Shan Jam Crane & The Wild Banchees

    Original reggae band hosts original open mic!

    Saturday, Dec. 2

    6:00 pm
  • Kids Night Out at The Cutting Board Cafe in Mesa
    16 Sat
  • Kids Night Out

    Featuring Fair Black Rose

    from Jam Pak Bands

    6:00 pm
  • Enjoy great live music at The Cutting Board on Saturday evenings! Currently featuring “Soliloquies,” we’re spotlighting some of the Valley’s best up-and-coming singer-songwriters in styles that range from folk, pop, soul and rock to jazz and classical. There’s no cover charge and the organic beer & wine bar is open! Check it out from 6 to 8pm every Saturday.

    Support for Soliloquies at The Cutting Board is provided in part by Southwest Arts & MusicSpecial thanks to Communication Arts Network & other fine sponsors!

    And workshops are back at The Cutting Board! These workshops help support local businesses and promote the importance of food education, while providing the community with easy access to healthy and affordable resources.

    Registration is required for our workshops; registration is available online, by phone or at the restaurant prior to the event. Registration is limited to 10 participants. When possible, we’ll offer two dates to choose from.

    Except for certain special events or featured speakers, workshops will be offered at only $5 per person, which can be can be applied as a $7 credit toward the purchase of an entrée on the evening of the event. If not applied toward an entrée for a discount, then the funds go to cover future events held at the Cafe.


    Check our Events Calendar below for details and join our mailing list to be informed of upcoming events.

    At The Cutting Board, we value food and its ability to sustain life and heal

    There is a growing community of those who educate themselves about food, who want to know what they put into their bodies when they eat, and the benefits of wholesome food and optimal health. Every month Fresh and Raw will host a variety of educational cooking classes, guest lectures, seminars and various food related events at the restaurant featuring local educators, businesses and inspirational speakers. Please visit our calendar of events and join us in the movement towards change and better health.

    Visit our Facebook page to see photos of past events.

    A Fresh and Raw Conversation

    Visit the blog at to find trusted resources and tools related to food education. Learn, look for answers, view current events, take action and keep up with the local Arizona food community.