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WelcomeAs residents of Mesa, Arizona, we recognize the need to bring healthy food to a community where these options are scarce. We value community and friendships, along with food’s role in bringing both together.

We are Sean and Krystal Macdonald, proprietors and culinary explorers.

Our vision led us to open The Cutting Board Bakery and Café in September of 2013. Food has always been at the heart of our own relationship, and our passion for the culinary arts began to simmer when we met ten years ago. It has evolved and flourished into a desire to educate ourselves and others about good, wholesome food. Our recipes have also evolved and been perfected over many years of creatively cooking together.

Our dream is to share our vision, our food and our passion with you. To hear more about our story, please visit

We invite you to join us for a nourishing meal, a warm cup of coffee and a freshly baked vegan pastry.”

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