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Local. Organic.


Learn. Eat. Live.


Learn. Eat. Live.


Vegan. Healthy.

Whole Foods, Vegan, Juices, Coffees

Learn. Eat. Live.

Welcome to The Cutting Board Bakery & Café.  We're here for you.

Serving Healthy

It’s true that The Cutting Board Café is a plant-based vegan restaurant, that we use organic and locally produced ingredients as much as possible and that we serve a lot of gluten-free options. But there’s more.

We offer our customers health-supporting foods that taste delicious. We use lots of different grains and flours in our dishes and baked goods. We pack nutritious vegetables and greens into our entrees, soups and salads so they are filled with natural antioxidants, fiber, protein and vitamins.

Our customers tend to be health-conscious, well-informed and passionate about their food choices. We take our role in supporting their health seriously, and are honored to be part of their efforts in living a healthy life.

Serving Fresh

There is no microwave in our kitchen, no fryers and no freezer. Every week we source fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables and find creative ways to use what nature gave us. We make most everything from scratch. Our pumpkin spice lattes are made with real pumpkins; our nut milk is freshly house-made. Our pastries, bread and cupcakes are baked daily.

We participate in a local recycling program that turns our kitchen waste into valuable compost used to grow more food for the community.

Even our wines and beers are carefully selected from growers that use vegan ingredients and sustainable practices. We’re proud to offer unusual brews that you won’t find on many shelves.

Serving Community

We support local artists and musicians with art shows and installations, monthly open mic nite and live performances every Saturday.

We also offer workshops and classes from speakers who inform us about health issues or other topics of interest to our customers.

We are here for YOU. Thank you for being a part of The Cutting Board community!

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